MPCC’s Climate Commitment

It’s a little-known fact that over 99% of businesses are small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and they account for 61% of UK employment. So when MPCC was considering the first pillar our ESG, we knew it was imperative to partner with an organisation who focussed on championing SMEs as green revolutionaries.

Whilst it is incredibly important for the 8,000 large businesses in the UK to ensure they have a less detrimental impact upon the environment, it is obvious that the real and lasting change will be driven by the SMEs. It was with this in mind that we partnered with Ecologi, who are on a mission to inspire all SMEs to start their own climate action journey by giving them the right tools, information and advice for each stage of net-zero.

Since joining Ecologi and formally committing to not just reduce our own carbon footprint, but to actively work to offset carbon emissions worldwide, MPCC has funded the planting of almost 1,000 trees. Our help to fund more than 24 projects has led to the avoidance of more than 73 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emissions – Lets put that into perspective;

220 metres squared of polar ice has been saved from melting. That’s the equivalent impact of the emissions from 181,907 miles of driving – More than 7 times the circumference of the Earth. The numbers are simply mind-boggling.

When you consider the phenomenal impact that one family business in Leeds can have, it really puts into perspective what could be achieved if every SME took small steps towards Net Zero.

Want to join us on this journey? You can partner with Ecologi here.

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