The Brexit trade deal has now been passed by the UK Government. This means that much of our trade within the EU will be free of tariffs with most items qualifying for preferential trade.

We expect that our warehouse in the Netherlands will be operational in 3 to 4 months. While this is being established, we will absorb any duty due on items sold to within the EU. This will be achieved in the form of discount linked to the item’s commodity code at the point of sale.

Due to the short notice regarding the terms of the trade agreement we are expecting some minor disruption in the first few weeks of the year. Express shipments will likely be unaffected but please allow an extra day for economy services.

We have fixed our freight prices at their 2020 rates, €15.00 and €15.50 to the Netherlands and Germany respectively for shipments under 20kg.

DHL are charging £4.50 or £0.25 per KG for exports clearance which is billed to the shipper’s account. We will absorb this cost.

We recommend that you contact DHL and request that MPCC are added to your approved list and provide fixed clearance instructions. This will allow shipments to be automatically cleared with no input from yourselves.

We are fully prepared to trade with the EU as a third country and you can expect no issues relating to our shipping documents or packaging.

Please contact Tom Almond directly if you have any concerns or clarifications regarding Brexit.

We look forward to our bright future together trading from the Netherlands.

Thomas Bray

Managing Director

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